Welcome to Amulet Vineyard– the website created with the value-conscious wine buyer in mind.

Amulet Vineyard was created as a way for us to share our knowledge about those wines which represent excellent value for money at their price point. Over the years we’ve had many friends and colleagues asking us for our tips each week, so thought this is the perfect way to give more people our take on what’s worth buying at the moment.
We don’t aim to provide detailed tasting notes on each wine – there are plenty of excellent wine writers who do a much better job at that than us. Instead, we use our knowledge of what is good value to provide a few tips each week which you can take to the bottle shop – we all know there’s plenty to choose from, so sometimes the choice of what to buy can be very difficult!

Amulet Vineyard

Peter can pinpoint the moment he was bitten by the wine bug as in mid-2009 when a friend introduced him to the wonders of cellaring wine. One of the first golden wine moments was opening a twelve year old bottle of Rockford Basket Press Shiraz 2009 – and since then his thirst for great wine, and his appetite for wine knowledge has grown exponentially. Whilst Peter will drink just about any (decent) wine thrown his way, he has a particular affection for Margaret River cabernet blends, big bold Shiraz (Heathcote, Barossa, McLaren Vale – any will do – but they must be balanced!) and zippy rieslings. The cellar started accumulating at about the same time Peter started work as a lawyer – but whilst he no longer drafts legalese for a living (he now runs a web design business), the cellar continues to grow. Apart from wine, he has an undying passion for the Essendon Football Club (despite the past couple of poor seasons), having developed their website for over ten years. He also tries to live by the motto “life’s too short to drink bad wine” – budget permitting of course!

Mine likes to celebrate. He particularly likes celebrating his football team winning, but almost any excuse will do. And when he celebrates he enjoys cracking a bottle of wine or two (or more). His personal favorite wine styles include those world-famous Australian exports Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon and the fortified from around Rutherglen. Trips to the Coonawarra and Rutherglen are fairly regular occurrences, with a large crew descending on northern Victoria every year to coincide with the Rutherglen wine show. Not one to waffle on about wine, Mine thinks that as long as “it tastes bloody good” then it’s worth drinking, although he has been known to get excited about wines he seriously likes and will tell anyone who’ll listen that “it’s an absolute cracker!” When he’s not talking about wine Mine can often be found developing for the web, watching Essendon play Australian Football, or trying to make money off his mates in the odd game of poker.